Before the Event Legal Expense Insurance – Buy it As a Part of Your Home and Motor Insurance

Most people are unaware of the fact that they can buy before the event legal expenses insurance as part of household and motor insurance policies. Pursuing any type of legal claim can cost a lot of money and same is the case with a claim for compensation following a personal injury accident. This insurance policy covers a number of disputes, including consumer disputes, personal injury, employment disputes, property disputes and medical negligence and will also help you pay the costs of claims made against you by members of the public who are either injured or even killed, or whose property is damaged because of your business.

It is affordable and a great way for resolving a number of different issues and helps business owners and organisers with a means of getting assistance and the products to meet all of their requirements and keep them in complete control of everything.

Most before the event legal expenses insurance providers allow solicitors to undertake the risk assessment. Another important aspect to this insurance is that the premium doesn’t have to be paid until the case is successfully concluded. If you win the case, then the other party is liable to re-imburse to you the cost of the policy and you don’t have to pay anything for the policy.

Sometimes, the policies are self-insured, meaning that if the claim is unsuccessful, the cost of the policy is paid to you as a benefit of the policy, which of course means that you won’t be charged anything.

The provider’s panel solicitors will often assess and if they feel your claim stands a greater than 50% prospect of success and if it does, they will accept instructions to act according to the rules of the policy, and continue to offer their support until the end.

Most before the event legal expenses insurance policies would cover anything including cancellation due to reasons beyond your control like bad weather or any other accidents, due to loss or damage to the property i.e. accident to conveyance on your way to the property or ground where the event Is about to take place.

You may get your policy attached to your home buildings or contents insurance or if you are a holder of a particular credit card or bank account.

When someone has been wronged they look for justice, but pursuing your rights through the courts can be really costly. Then there are solicitors’ costs and fees for a barrister and expert witnesses involved too. As a claimant you may have to pay the opponent’s costs as well as their own if they lose the case. Whether you are a trader or a big company, there is always a lot of choice for best quality cheap event insurance alongside highest quality service.